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Your Inner-Handsome
good looking…

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The word “inner-beauty” doesn’t have that appeal it used to have.

Like most powerful phrases, we tend to overuse them and they eventually lose their pizzazz.

The beauty of inner-beauty is how unbelievably attractive it is!  The pursuit of “inner-beauty” is timeless and its ROI is priceless.  It’s a quality we can choose to radiate – or not.  It’s up to each one of us how really, really, really, ridiculously good looking we want to be!

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I remember in my late 20’s watching a couple renew their vows after 50 years of marriage.  The gentleman looked at his wife and said, “you’re the most beautiful woman on this earth.”  I thought to myself, “That might not be true to the rest of the world.  But to him, it’s undeniably true.”  Inner-beauty is captivating.  I was impacted by that special moment they shared.

Have you heard the expression:  handsome is as handsome does”   I love its meaning:  a person’s good actions, (rather than outward appeal), define his or her handsomeness in the eyes of others.  Nice!  Outward appeal is fleeting, inner appeal is forever breathtaking.

In other words, handsome describes people who don’t act ugly.  To act ugly, is to act unpleasantly.  To act handsomely, is to act beautifully.

“Karen, isn’t inner-handsome the same thing as inner-beauty?”  Whaaaat… you caught me in my synonym trickery!

The act of handsome or the act of beauty is a verb.  Do handsome and you’ll be handsome.  To be handsome is to do something about it.  People will know you’re handsome by how you act, more than how you look.

In my opinion, our inner-handsome must be the most dominant quality we possess.  Why?  Because the only thing that keeps beauty from fading is our inner-handsome.

Shifting from inner-ugly to inner-handsome is easy to do, and no one on this planet can hinder our pursuit.  It’s our choice how beautiful we want our inner-AWESOME to be.

I love the word handsome!  I find it super classy and tasteful. We could all improve our inner-handsomeness.

Below are some of the definitions for handsome.
*Rate each number:  1 = I do quite well. 2 = I could step it up a bit more.  3 = I’d like to shine brighter.

[1]  Beautiful:  of a high standard.  pleasing the senses or mind.  RATE:  _____
example:  Set the table before you eat your meal.

[2]  Clean-cut:  giving the appearance of neatness and respectability.  RATE:  _____
example:  Get out of your workout clothes sooner.

[3]  Athletic:  physically active.  RATE:  _____
example:  Move around more.  Movement is like giving your body a hug.

[4]  Suave:  charming, confident and elegant.  RATE:  _____
example:  Offer a smile to even more people than you already do.

[5]  Smooth:   without harshness or bitterness.  RATE:  _____
example:  A warm presence comforts others.

[6]  Elegant:  graceful and stylish in manner.  RATE:  _____
example:  Walk slower, eat slower, talk slower.

[7]  Stylish:  neat and sophisticated.  RATE:  _____
example:  Get rid of old, stained or tattered clothes.

[8]  Lovely:  delightful and enjoyable.  RATE:  _____
example:  Let your countenance be pleasing and inviting.

[9]  Smart:   quick-witted intelligence.  RATE:  _____
example:  Increase your knowledge.  Learn a new skill. Restore your ‘funny bone’!

[10]  Stately:  dignified and unhurried.  RATE:  _____
example:  Enjoy being present. Right now is all that matters.

[11]  Generous:   lavishing kindness.  RATE:  _____
example:  Let someone know you see them, esteem them and respect them.

[12]  Gracious:  Courteous.  RATE:  _____
example:  Say please and thank you more often.  Up your thoughtful consideration of others.

The ones you scored ‘3’, time for an upgrade?  A tweak?  An adjustment?

Unhinge that inner-handsome- you!

Karen Thrall

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