The queen of hearts has been an icon I carry with me since Sept 30 2002.  

It reminds me to live from my heart, always.

queen of hearts

Where is your heart? As in, that on which your life centers?

Have you ever said the phrase, “My heart says one thing, but my mind thinks differently.” This is a common paradox for individuals wrestling with life.

How do you get your heart and your mind on the same page?


Allow room for time.

Always let your heart lead the way. But allow a timeline for your mind to get on board. Your mind needs time to wrap itself around your longings. It wants to be in agreement with you, but doesn’t know how and needs to find the answers to the what, why when and where. Your mind wants to cooperate. Your mind wants to ask questions. And your mind wants to argue with you – not to hold you back – rather to help you come up with a game plan.

“You make it sound too simple, Karen.”

It is simple. We overcomplicate things.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side write the words “What my hearts says”, and on the other “What my mind says”.

Compare notes, and then start making a plan. A compromise. A negotiation. A meet-half-way. A big picture. A timeline. Set goals. And accomplish each goal, one step at a time. When the mind and heart unite and cooperate, the adventure begins.

And guess what that adventure is? You begin to believe and trust with forward steps.

Tell me, where is your heart?

Karen Thrall

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