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I’ve been thinking about my line of work and what makes me so unbelievably passionate about what I do. As I reflect, there’s four non-negotiables that are important to me when working with teams, leaders and organizations.

What are your non-negotiables? What is the contribution you bring to your work that is vital to the team’s success? Where do you shine? What matters to you? Which of your skills have you invested in because you carry such a strong belief? What are your work principles? Why are you valuable?

I’d like to share mine with you.

  1. PEOPLE: People Matter. Right now, right here, you and/or your team are all that matter to me. I listen: intently. Every word you say I’m captivated by. Your words, how you think, how you process, how you strategize, how you lead – it all matters. And I have all the time in the world for you. When I went through therapy several years ago, we were limited on time. The last 10 minutes of the counselling session I’d begin to shut off. I was aware that we were coming to the end. Therefore, when we’re together, I have all the time in the world for you.  People need time.
  2. HEART: The heart of your business/organization/leadership matters. It was passion that started you on your path. You were full of vision, enthusiasm, confidence, hope, determination, tenacity, and courage. It’s important that this never be compromised; that the richest qualities you and/or your team possess remain strong and unwavering. It is humans that are leading organizations. It is humans that are living their lives. It is humans that I’m committed to.
  3. UNDER-PROMISE: My on-going commitment is to under-promise. I often ask myself, “What would I want?” I often ask myself, “What would I want? What does he or she want?” I’m determined to find that out.  I often ask myself, “What would I want? What does he or she want?” I’m determined to find that out.  This is an important question because it keeps the focus on your success. By keeping this question in the forefront of my mind, my hope is that I will deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations.
  4. AVAILABLE:       At any time, we’ll explore whatever potential worries, stresses and uncertainties that may arise that could thwart your progress. If hurdles come up, we’ll resolve them quickly.  At any time, I will facilitate any brainstorming or strategic thinking that you require; to help formulate tasks and timelines to make sure the ball keeps rolling. At any time, I will coach your processes so that they’re executed exactly the way you want it; the way you need it; and the way you like it.  At any time, I am here for you. Period. I will support you…. at any time.

Ok, your turn.  Send me an email answering these questions any time you want.  I’d enjoy reading your answers.

Karen Thrall



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