An acorn falls from the tree. The rains come and it begins to sink into the ground.

Below the surface in the quietness of earth, the roots push and break through its shell. The acorn grows; diving to deeper depths of soil. In this dark place where no sunlight exists, no one can see the purity of its transformation. In the dark, cold earth a seed is morphing, in small, gradual steps.

Seasons come and go; and one day, on a very special day, for the first time, the roots of this acorn surface. It enters sunlight as a fragile stem. Bruisable. Breakable. Vulnerable. In its appearance there is weakness; yet concealed is an unshakeable foundation. A fortified strength.

The investment that takes place in secrecy, births life to what will be a magnificent oak tree.

What once was merely one in a million is now one of a kind.

Don’t underestimate the small steps of your journey.  We are quick to search for signs and confirmations in big outcomes; yet growth is developed in discretion and in that solitary place where no one is watching.  Be more interested in your private victories than your public ones.  It is the private victories where the true depth of your journey is rooted and character is fortified.

Stay confident.  Be wholehearted.  Remain steadfast.  Endure the challenges.  Embrace the learning curves.  All is well.

When roots run deep, the tree stands with strength and will prosper.

Invest in your roots.  It’s in the quietness that transformation is birthed.

– Karen Thrall

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