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Sales Training Workshop

Is your company ready for a sales boost?

Do you need to bring passion back into your sales?

Have your sales been dropping?

Are your loyal customers buying less?

Are you cultivating new clients?

Re-Energize Your Sales Team

and see your annual revenue increase by 18%

In only 4 hours

1.  Re-Energize Your Team
2. Re-Energize Your Clientele
3. Re-Energize Your Sales

“This 4-hour workshop will leave your team re-energized, confident in their abilities to sell and attract a loyal, new, client base.” – Karen Thrall 

You’ll get everything you need in 4 hours.

On-going training programs can be:
⇨  costly
⇨  time-consuming  
⇨  unnecessary for experienced sales teams

“Karen is a sales whisperer through and through. Her ability to casually disarm our team one by one and her style of sales had everyone engaged and deeply educated by the end of the training. She is a repeat coach at our company, for sure.”

Alissa Walters

CEO, Blindsgalore

Four hours has your team back to focusing on clients and sales numbers which is the ultimate goal. They already have the talent to succeed.  This workshop is about re-invigorating the passion behind it. 

3 Steps

Gain the skills to stay in your ‘A-Game’ by building team culture and re-gaining confidence and pride in what you do. This foundation module includes exercises and discussions that set the stage for strengthening core values and working together.

Turn all your satisfied customers into loyal customers.  Your most inspiring interactions with your favorite clients will be our case studies.  Group exercises will fuel your sales team to outperform your competition. 

Celebrate classic sales techniques by challenging them with refreshing new ways of thinking. In this final step we put our last two modules into action whilst incorporating the importance of pride in sales objectives and the  best practices for e-commerce and an ever changing society of remote consumers.


Prior to training, each participant will receive a 30 minute phone call and 2 questionnaires.

Training Day

The 4 hour workshop has three modules and there will be a 10 minute break every 30 minutes. 

Follow Up

 This 60 minute follow-up meeting is to celebrate the victories and answer any new questions.


All training is done remotely through Zoom and includes interactive break-out rooms.


$4,000 flat fee.
For individual pricing,
contact Karen Thrall.


Fine Print

All fees are in USD. Price includes PDF workbook.
Full refunds are available, less $500.

How to sign up


Karen Thrall
Sales Coach
[email protected]

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Read what participants say…

“Exceeded my expectations so much!”

“Excellently organized and facilitated.”

“Love the interactive style.  Content was so informative.”

“The way Karen draws answers and ideas out of everyone is such a gift.”

“This is awesome.  Really great.  Time flew by fast.  So educational and everybody got to participate.”

“I feel the inspiration come back to me.”

Karen is a professional communicator and changed the culture in my company. She accomplished things that I could only dream of.  Karen brought my far flung retail stores under one roof and one banner. She’s a rare gem.

John Fluevog

Designer and Owner, John Fluevog Shoes Ltd

Karen Thrall has been an executive coach and communications expert for more than 20 years.   As an executive at John Fluevog Shoes, Karen spent seven years doubling the company’s retail footprint while building a unique and effective culture of customer service. Karen’s expertise is in sales, expansion, communications and brand culture.   As a human catalyst, Karen trains and coaches top leaders in various industries:  B2B, B2C, start-ups, retail, life sciences, hospitality, food services, sports and associations.  Her purpose is to accelerate the growth of an organization and ignite people’s love for their work, teams and customers.  Karen is passionate about golf and has made it her mission to hike local trails and visit local craft breweries in whatever city she is visiting.  

Karen Thrall

Sales Igniter