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A lighthearted, real and honest series of conversations where we explore every aspect of human interaction, and provoke each other to do life well.

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Do ‘Boasting’ Well

In Do ‘Boasting’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall discuss how to be bold and self-promote.  How do you convey the pride you have in your work and life, without sounding arrogant? 


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Do ‘Hungry For Change’ Well

In this 3-part series, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall discuss three important areas that will require change when you’re hungry for change.  

Part 1: lifestyle
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In Episode 1 of Do ‘Hungry For Change’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall talk about the first step to seeing real change is accepting that a lifestyle change will be required.  What lifestyle change might you need to do?

Part 2: increasing your earnings
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In Episode 2 of Do ‘Hungry For Change’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall talk about how to increase your earnings.  How you relate to money can affect how you view your worth.  Do you know how much you’re worth? (and not just what’s in your bank account)

Some of the inspiration was drawn from these two articles:  theladders.com and entrepreneur.com

Part 3:  relational strain
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In Episode 3 of Do ‘Hungry for Change’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall talk about how change can really take its toll with either your colleagues, friends, family or intimate partners.  What do you do when you’re hungry for change and it causes a strain in some of your relationships?

ps.  Here’s the link to the book that Karen refers to by author, Dr Joseph Shrands.

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Do ‘Being A Leader’ Well

In this 4-part series, Do ‘Being A Leader’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall discuss how to excel in leadership.

Part 1: what type of leader are you?
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Curious to know what type of leader you see yourself as? Please listen to Part 1 for the archetypes.

Part 2: how to be inspiring
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There’s three ways you can inspire others with your leadership. Are you a storyteller? A teacher? A community builder?

Part 3: how to connect well with others
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Understanding potential weaknesses of each leadership type can help create buy-in and strengthen rapport.

Part 4: is it for you?
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Is leadership for you? What if it isn’t? Then what? And, what if it is? How do you transition into a leadership role?

Do ‘Workplace Friendships’ Well

In this 2-part series, Do ‘Workplace Friendships’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall discuss the different types of friendships in the workplace and its pros and cons.

Part 1: the different types of friendships
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The stats say that professionals who have friends in the workplace have higher levels of performance, engagement, and happiness.  Is it true? 

Part 2: pros and cons
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Is it ever ok to ‘burn bridges’, what does likability really mean, what do you do when you’re shy by nature, and what if you feel excluded?

Do ‘Speaking Your Mind’ Well

In this 3-part series, Do ‘Speaking Your Mind’ Well, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall talk about the importance of sharing your honest thoughts in a way that benefits you and those around you.

Part 1: honoring your voice
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How to honor your unique voice and allow space to find your true message.

Part 2: taking responsibility
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How to take  responsibility in how we communicate, how we honor our voice, how we handle our emotions, and how to coach others who want to do the same.

Part 3:  learning perspectives
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Being open to learning perspectives that vary from your own can foster healthy conversations (This also led them to talk about Black Lives Matter and prejudice)

Do ‘Tackling Your Dream’ Well

In this 4-part series, Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall discuss how to go after your aspirations and what holds you back.

Part 1: Time
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What are the practical solutions and why it’s important to find the Time to tackle your dreams.

Part 2: fear
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How Fear can come between you and your dreams and how to address it.

Part 3: forgiveness
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How the act of forgiving yourself and others is a powerful tool to allow you to let go and follow your passion.

Part 4:  Q&A
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Listen in as we recap the series and answer the questions that have been sent to us.

Do ‘Thriving’ Well

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Brenda Brown & Karen Thrall talk about four important principles you can take hold of in your pursuit to truly thrive in your life.

This episode is based on a chapter in Karen’s upcoming book of allegories entitled, ‘The Best Version Of You’.

photo by: Becca | Unsplash | @binkabonka

Do ‘Uncertainty’ Well

Brenda Brown & Karen Thrall talk about how to be your best during a time of uncertainty. For us, today, that would be the Covid-19. 

Karen wrote an article called “Not One Fear, But Three” addressing three fears. The podcast dives a little deeper into the article. [article link  


[Our 1st Podcast. Where it all began.]
Do ‘Socializing’ Well

Brenda Brown & Karen Thrall talk about social quirks, the best place to be at a party and bringing your happiness.


Karen is an executive coach. For over 20 years, she’s worked alongside leaders and teams throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.

Karen Thrall

Business Coach | Human Catalyst, Karen Thrall Inc

Brenda leads and trains culture, sales and organizational development throughout the United States and internationally.

Brenda Brown

International Sales Manager, Herbivore Botanicals