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with Brenda Brown & Karen Thrall

A lighthearted, real and honest series of conversations where we explore every aspect of human interaction, and provoke each other to do life well.

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05 Do Tackling Your Dreams Well: FEAR

5 specific fears that hinder people from pursuing their dreams.

This is Part 2 of our series, Do ‘Tackling Your Dream’ Well. Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall talk about practical solutions to overcome fear.

04 Do Tackling Your Dreams Well: TIME

You have a dream but don't have the time? Maybe you do.

Have a dream and no time?  In part one of Do ‘Tackling Your Dream’ Well,
Brenda Brown and Karen Thrall discuss practical solutions on how you can tackle this quandary
and why it’s important to find the time.

03 Do Thriving Well

Brenda & Karen talk about four important principles you can take hold of in your pursuit to truly thrive in your life.

Brenda explores the deeper meanings from Karen’s allegory “The Bear And The Little Girl”

02. Do Uncertainty Well

Brenda & Karen talk about how to be your best during a time of uncertainty. For us, today, that would be the Covid-19.

Karen wrote an article called “Not One Fear, But Three” addressing three fears. The podcast dives a little deeper into the article. [article link]

01. Do Socializing Well

Brenda & Karen talk about social quirks, the best place to be at a party and bringing your happiness.

Karen is an executive coach. For over 20 years, she’s worked alongside leaders and teams throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.

Karen Thrall

Business Coach | Human Catalyst, Karen Thrall Inc

Brenda leads and trains culture, sales and organizational development throughout the United States and internationally.

Brenda Brown

International Sales Manager, Herbivore Botanicals