We are ever evolving and changing.
The dictionary defines evolving: “to develop or achieve gradually.”
How recent has it been since you found out something new about yourself?

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In 2015, I was invited to a Strengthsfinder seminar that the Gumpert Foundation was hosting in Encinitas, CA. If you’ve not done a Strengthsfinder assessment, I’d highly recommend it. It’s an effective tool that focuses on your… well… strengths!

The results get back to me and, come to find out, my top 5 are:
1. positivity (ok, yes, no big surprise),
2. relator (another, no big surprise),
3. activator (love it),
4. maximizer (love it) and…
5. strategist.

Strategist… really? Hmm…  

When I saw this report I immediately thought, “Well, whadaya know, a strategist.” I was pleasantly surprised.

As we sat in small groups talking about each strength, I was processing this new notion that I was a strategist. I found myself coming alive. Something definitely woke up.

That ‘awake’ was liberating truth about who I am, which left me asking, “Why did I keep this quality hidden, on the back-burner, under a rock, obscure?

The most important part of this story is how happy I was to find out that not only am I a strategist, but I function in a high level of strategy.

The second most important part of this story is, once it was ‘exposed’, I was open to believing a ‘strategist’ was living somewhere inside me.

The third most important part of this story is, now that I sincerely believe it, I can activate it. After all, you can’t activate something you don’t know you have!

The fourth most important part of this story is I started getting flash memories going as far back as 5 years old, remembering times I was strategic in what I was doing.

What went wrong along the way? 

Perhaps it’s self-criticism or the influence of outside voices speaking negatively. Discouragement gets in and creates self-doubt.

Perhaps, being a strategist was something I subconsciously knew but couldn’t find the confidence to admit, or worse, to step into. 

Perhaps, I solely focused on the accounts in my life that didn’t show an inkling of strategy. Those moments that proved it couldn’t be true. Moments that helped me create a belief that I was not a strategist. After all, “How could I possibly be a strategist when I can’t or I don’t….?

Perhaps, I assumed that because I make mistakes then surely I can’t be strategic.

Whatever the hindrances, those arguments all stopped immediately. They didn’t matter anymore because, on that “Strengthsfinder‘s day”, the self-motivational speech kicked in: “No more excuses, KT. This report says you are, so stop limiting yourself.

The timing of this new found skill was perfect. 

Four months prior I took the biggest leap of my life, quit my job and moved to San Diego to pursue my purpose and dream.

Strategy was needed now more than ever.

I went home that night filled with relief and an awakened confidence.

I started asking new questions. Different questions.

  • What does this new adventure look like using a strategic approach?
  • How can my strategic skill help accomplish my dreams and purpose?
  • What options have I not considered yet?
  • Who has a strategic mind that I could draw wisdom from?
  • Where do I see the pattern of strategy woven throughout my life?
  • How is strategy uniquely lived out in my journey?

It was empowering to realize that an important part of myself, that was being left out, was alive and well. 

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We are ever evolving and changing. Ever growing, ever maturing, ever transforming, ever awakening. 

Isn’t that wonderful?

We are not to hold limiting views of ourselves. We all get to be pleasantly surprised along this trek called life.

When’s the last time you were pleasantly surprised to find out something new about you?

Karen Thrall | Business Coach | Human Catalyst

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