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“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

– Ferdinand Foch

When my daughter was 14 years old, we went to Spain together.  It is a very special memory.  I always love travelling with my daughter.  Whether on a road trip or exploring different regions, it’s easy being her travelling companion.

Barcelona is a city full of vibrant colour, mosaic artwork, international culture and celebratory energy.

On our last night, we strolled La Ramba Street.  Late into the night, in the midst of crowds laughing, music pumping and the buzzing of city life, it felt like Madison and I were alone.

“Madison, every nation has a special gift.  What gift would you like to receive from Spain before we head home?” I asked.

We continued to stroll as she thought about the question. I turned to look at her and saw her eyes well up with tears.  Quietly she replied, “Passion.”

It’s a scene that is forever imprinted on my heart.

What about you?  Would you have asked for passion?

When is the last time you longed for more passion in your life?

I think we can all agree that the word, passion, is over-used and, for many, it’s lost its luster.  Similarly, have you ever loved a song but the radio stations over-played it; and to later find yourself cringing at the first sounds of it?  Over-used words can have that affect as well.

Regardless, some words are never meant to grow dull.  Passion, is one.

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge and a gentle reminder that you get to live a passionate life.  You get to re-prioritize your time.  You get to do something that energizes you.  You get to invest your heart and soul into something that brings you great joy.  Because your passion deserves your attention.

To my fellow passion journeyers, live unhindered.


ps. 📷 by:  Unsplash / @pcbulai


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Let’s do an inventory check-in to see how you’re doing.

[1]  What category does your passion fit best?

  1. Hobby
  2. Sport
  3. Talent
  4. Entertainment
  5. Specific project
  6. Writing
  7. Family
  8. Friends
  9. Close relationship(s)
  10. Travel
  11. Adventure
  12. Career
  13. Innovation
  14. Entrepreneurship
  15. Other:  _____________

[2]  Right now, today, in this moment, what are you most passionate about? __________________________

[3]  Rate yourself 1 through 5 on the below questions.

  1. Never |  2.  Rarely |  3.  Sometimes | 4. Often | 5. Always
  1. _____ I wake up early and am excited to focus on what I’m passionate about.
  2. _____ Others know what I’m passionate about because I enjoy talking about it (a lot).
  3. _____ I make sure to consistently invest time and energy into what I’m passionate about.
  4. _____ I surround myself with people who carry the same passion as I do.
  5. _____ I actively learn new ideas and thoughts about what I’m passionate about.
  6. _____ I have strong boundaries to protect my time so I don’t neglect what I’m passionate about.
  7. _____ I am fully devoted and committed to what I’m passionate about.
  8. _____ My passion gives me great joy and it’s life-giving.
  9. _____ My passion challenges and stretches me out of my comfort zone, and I love it!
  10. _____ I am intrigued, curious and inspired by others who carry a similar passion as mine.
  11. _____ I share funny or memorable stories that are associated with what I’m passionate about.
  12. _____ I enjoy looking at all the possibilities that can happen because of what I’m passionate about.
  13. _____ I happily take risks, even thought it can be scary, because I know that an element of risk is necessary to fulfill what I’m passionate about.
  14. _____ I take time to rest and get refueled so that what I’m passionate about is sustainable.

[4]  Tally up your score


How did you score? _____
Which number(s) scored the lowest? _____
Hone in on the low score(s). What can you do to upgrade your passion? List 3 ideas: