Consulting and Training everyone.

I have spent the past 20 years in the business world focusing on improving: sales, team building, finances, overhead, inspiration, training and more. The common factor is always a problem with communication, so I have made communications, not only, my specialty but also my passion.

My Consulting &
Training Services

Karen Thrall Inc.

  • Rebuild infrastructures and create healthy change that brings companies to the next level of financial success.

  • Empower teams to excel beyond current capabilities, set attainable goals and exceed them.

  • Increase profitability by increasing sales and lowering overhead.

  • Resolve frustration and increase world-class communications both internally and externally.

  • Inspire leaders to have a powerful impact and be influential in making the world a better place.

Karen Thrall Inc.

It’s all in how we communicate with each other, that is the secret that I will share with you. I have been able to solve every business problem by using data and proven techniques that focus on communication. It is the ultimate puzzle that consistently needs to be worked on. I polish the tools you already have or create new ones specific to your company. It is guaranteed success every time.

My Results...

Are immediate, if you and your team want them to be. With your team, we will explore, opinions and motivations that influence strategic decision making. We analyze tangible information with which we will observe data and patterns. Once we have identified the challenges we build cohesive and literal plans and execute them. Through using incremental goals that showcase your success in real time we will achieve your goals with a 100% success rate.

Companies I have helped