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How’s your company doing? Still doing the same advertising, marketing and promotional routines? How long has it been the same? What if you’re in a rut? And how do you know if you are in a rut?

Simple. Are numbers increasing, stagnant or decreasing?

Increasing? Then, you’re not in a rut.

Stagnant or decreasing? You’re in a rut.

It might be time for some market research again. A rebirth. I believe we should continually evaluate/assess our marketing strategies.  Sometimes what used to work may no longer be as effective.  Doesn’t mean the business is over, just means we look at it from a different angle.

(1)  Word of mouth is contagious and it’s your free advertising. Definitely do not compromise this one!! It’s a good idea for organizations to invest heavily in their customers. Your customers are your best sales people because they love what you offer and provide.   Bottom line is, they love you! They’re a fan! Are your customers spreading the love? Is their enthusiasm about your services and product infectious? Ask yourself “What is missing in our organization that is keeping our customers from bragging about us?” Find out. Don’t dismiss any notion or stream of thought. Explore the wonderful possibilities that will emerge from your analyses.  And remember your employees are also your customers.

(2)  What is the goal you want?  Be specific. Write out your goal EVERYWHERE!  And stay true to it. Dream about it.  Think, strategize, brainstorm, analyze, plan, build – do whatever it takes! (well, almost whatever!) This business you launched was birthed from your incredible and extraordinary creativity. That very same creative resource will continue to grow your business.  Your creativity is a key component to your success! Stick to one goal and stay tenacious until you’ve accomplished it. Your confidence is also fundamental.

I believe every organization needs to reinvent their public persona every 3-5 years. Keep it fresh! I learned this personal life principle from one of my best friends, Graham. It’s effective and provides a freshness to help you keep growing. Think about all the investment you’ve done to get you this far – it’s worth the time to look over your organizational map and see where you can explore a new way of thinking.

Karen Thrall

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