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I’m concerned.

I strongly believe businesses that provide any type of service need to be continually trained on how to interact with humans.

Providing extraordinary service and excellent human engagement is electric! It’s contagious. It’s vibrant. Why are companies compromising this business principle?

You don’t want people to respond negatively to your company. Trust me. That is baaaaaaad for biz’niz.

Do you know why companies are missing the mark? They don’t think Human Engagement is a topic that requires training throughout the entire organization.

I was fortunate to participate in a customer service training program from one of the world’s finest service industries: The Disney Institute. There’s a reason they’re larger than life. If you’re company is bringing in the billions, well then, stop reading this article right now and go eat some pizza and have a latte.

The Disney Company is determined to exceed your expectations at all times.   This is good. Very good. More than good. Outstanding. A non-negotiable and the only way to be. Adopt this approach and you will see growth.

Here’s the famous question that many companies are addressing: Why is revenue down?

#1 Check out the inner-workings of your company – not the peripheral!

See it as a rock thrown into water. The place it lands has the greatest impact; from there the ripple effects extend. Start where the rock lands.   How extraordinary is your internal infrastructure? Does it exceed the expectations of your employees? If not, then you have a problem.

#2 The problem is not ‘out there’.

We are too quick to critique our “field workers” – our lovely comrades who are interacting with the external realms that draw in new and fresh business. They are not the problem. I repeat. They are NOT the problem. If you start with the customer’s wallet, then you will not succeed. Whether the external customers choose your company or not, is not the problem. That is merely the symptom. The root problem starts in the internal infrastructure. In other words, the problem begins with the DNA. Get the DNA back on track, and you’ll get the ripple effect you desire.

#3 Train how people serve within your company.

How do you enhance human engagement? Train. Re-train. Train again. Train some more. Train, equip, and train, train, train. Where do you start? Ask for help!

The good news? It’s a small fixable problem that produces a big impact. Human Engagement rocks! (no pun intended.)


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