A Webinar Series

Do Angry Well:
navigating “that” tricky emotion

An interactive webinar that empowers the best you in unsettling moments.  It’s not just about tools and behaviour, we delve into the realness of frustration.  Whether it’s someone else who’s upset or you’re feeling upset, learn how to respond well.

An engaging conversation about a topic
that doesn’t get engaged in conversation enough.


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“Feeling angry and expressing it well is not easy.  But it can be!  My guarantee!”

Karen Thrall

Communications Consultant | Human Catalyst

The “Do Angry Well” Webinar Series
with Karen Thrall



Introducing An Unpopular Emotion
Thursday, September 6
11am – 12pm (pst)


The Science of Anger
Thursday, September 20
11am – 12pm (pst)


The Alarm Clock Helps Articulate Clear Thoughts
Thursday, October 4
11am – 12pm (pst)


Making Sense Of The Hodgepodge
Thursday, October 18
11am – 12pm (pst)


From 0 to 100 And Everything In Between
Thursday, November 1
11am – 12pm (pst)


The Psychology of Anger
Thursday, November 15
11am – 12pm (pst)


The Workplace and Life
Thursday, November 29
11am – 12pm (pst)


Find Your Voice
Thursday, December 13
11am – 12pm (pst)


Winning Conversations
Thursday, December 27
11am – 12pm (pst)

Anger has many different facets.  Learn how to navigate a tricky emotion.

  • learn how many types of anger there are

  • learn what it means to be “upset”

  • learn how to settle down emotions

  • learn how to have clear thoughts

  • learn how to avoid placating and/or bullying

  • learn how to have a confident voice in conflict

  • learn how to remain calm and warm

  • learn how emotions go from 0 to 100


$25 per webinar


Karen Thrall
(858) 922-5101

The great news is you can attend as little or as many of the webinars as you wish,
because each module stands alone and is valuable in and of itself.


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“For years I’ve been very drawn to the topic of conflict resolution.  I began to add it to my training workshops in 2004.

The topic of conflict led me down another curious path: the topic of anger.

Three years ago, I began to pour my heart and soul into research.

First, I wanted to learn how anger impacts my life and, second, how I can implement the research into my coaching.

One thing I found that was quite refreshing was how normal the emotion is.

The more I talked about it, the more people began to share their stories.

This only fueled my passion to learn more!

At last, I completed a training program that specifically addresses the topic of anger.

This series is for people who would like to learn how to respond well when they feel angry or when they encounter someone else’s anger.

Knowing what to do when anger shows up is not easy.  But it can be.  Anger doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  Anger is an emotion.  Simple as that.

The goal is for you to excel vibrantly and with excellence whether you’re angry or someone else is angry.

Learn how to be the best you when confronted with the world’s most unpopular emotion.”  

– Karen

“It opened up my eyes to seeing more into the human nature and how we behave.”

“The way Karen draws answers and ideas out of everyone is such a gift.”

“Karen created a warm inviting space to openly consider new possibilities.”

“It was warm and welcoming and impactful.”

Karen Thrall

Karen Thrall has been an executive coach and communications expert for more than 20 years. As the Director of Retail and Culture for John Fluevog Shoes, Karen spent seven years doubling the company’s retail footprint while building a unique and effective culture of customer service for hundreds of employees. Karen’s expertise is in sales, operations, expansion, communications and brand culture. Karen is beyond passionate about golf and has made it her mission to visit every craft brewery in San Diego, which will take some time since there are more than 130 in the city.

Karen is a professional communicator and changed the culture in my company. She accomplished things that I could only dream of. Karen brought my far flung retail stores under one roof and one banner.

– John Fluevog, CEO and President, Fluevog Shoes

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