Advanced Communications Training

for the Professional

“Developing strong internal communications must be your greatest priority.  If not, it most certainly will become your greatest liability.” – Karen Thrall

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Do you handle conflict seamlessly?

Learn how to remain confident and energized regardless of team challenges.

Do you negotiate and offer input effectively?

Learn how to communicate ideas and enjoy a healthy debate.

Do you collaborate well with everyone?

Learn how to keep your independence while working as a team.

Do you practice efficiency in every situation?

Learn how to create extraordinary results without compromising team morale.

Does your team trust and respect you?

Learn how to create a powerful legacy and be an effective communicator.

This workshop promises to be
high-impact learning. 

It’s an opportunity for you to gain
the same valuable insights
and methods used by
top executives and leaders.


A workshop for professionals who want to increase their communication skills because they value camaraderie and teamwork.

“Choose to advance in communications and conflict resolution. 
The more you excel in how you communicate, the more you will establish trust and rapport with others.  I guarantee this will grow your influence.”
 – Karen Thrall 

"What I am looking for is not out there; it is in me."

– Helen Keller

  Can 12 ½ hours of training change your life?  (Yes.)

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“After attending Karen’s workshop, my team’s self-awareness on how we interact with each was transformed. The framework covered delicate topics, inspiring suggestions, and thought-provoking behavioral biases. Highly recommend to leaders desiring to take team performance to the next level!”

Laura Hanlon

Director of Sourcing, WD-40 Company

5 Steps

Step 1: Influence


1. Learn your greatest area of influence and why you’re so effective.
2. Learn what your team members want and why it’s important that you know.
3. Learn how to be a dynamic facilitator between your team and the executive team.
4. Learn the value of being a five star boss and a respected leader.

Step 2: Impact

1. Learn how to build extraordinary unity in your workplace.
2. Learn the different communication styles that will build great rapport.
3. Learn how to resolve conflict quickly and respectfully.
4. Learn how to inspire your team and be an empowering leader.

Step 3: Integrity

1. Learn how to build a happy, high performing team.
2. Learn what to do with disgruntled team members.
3. Learn what kind of commitment your team needs before they can buy-in.
4. Learn how your words and actions strengthen your leadership.

Step 4: Intuition

1. Learn the different ways your team intakes information and build with it.  
2. Learn how to facilitate creativity, strategy and a follow-through plan.
3. Learn how to forecast objections and solve foreseeable problems.
4. Learn how to recognize perceptions and turn them into productive conversations.

Step 5: Innovation

1. Learn how to establish positive connections with your teammates. 
2. Learn how to steer clear of micro-management and promote autonomy.
3. Learn how to coach self-direction and self-accountability.
4. Learn how to delegate and recognize your team’s talent.


Prior to training, each participant will receive a 30 minute phone call and 2 questionnaires.  This gives me the opportunity to spend 1:1 time with you before we begin the training.

Training Day

The program will begin the week of September 7-9, 2021 and will be held every 3 weeks.  Each training module is 2 ½ hours in length, with two 10 minute breaks.  Please click the registration link for more information.   

Follow Up

Once the training program is completed,  you will receive a 1:1 sixty minute coaching session where together we will explore your next steps.


All training is done remotely through Zoom and includes interactive break-out rooms.


$1500 per person.
Maximum of 8 participants per group.
For more information,
please contact Karen Thrall.


Fine Print

All fees are in USD.
Price includes PDF workbook.
Refunds are available at any time, less 20% .

How to sign up


Karen Thrall
Executive Coach
[email protected]


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What separates Karen Thrall from other corporate trainers is how she can take heavy topics and bring a levity to them.  We were laughing together, yet understanding the very relevant and practical content she delivered. We implemented the training immediately within our ELT.  Karen’s training inspired all of us to place the pursuit of being a great communicator as a top priority.  An excellent business resource for leaders.

Ben Smith

Presdient, Avesdo

Karen Thrall has been an executive coach and communications expert for more than 20 years.   As an executive at John Fluevog Shoes, Karen spent seven years doubling the company’s retail footprint while building a unique and effective culture of customer service. Karen’s expertise is in sales, expansion, communications and brand culture.   As a human catalyst, Karen trains and coaches top leaders in various industries:  B2B, B2C, start-ups, retail, life sciences, hospitality, food services, sports and associations.  Her purpose is to accelerate the growth of an organization and ignite people’s love for their work, teams and customers.  Karen is passionate about golf and has made it her mission to hike local trails and visit local craft breweries in whatever city she is visiting.  

Karen Thrall

Executive Coach