[1]  BOTTOM LINE:  It was quite liberating when I first realized I only had a 50/50 chance of someone liking me. It doesn’t matter how much I want someone to like me (or worse, EVERYONE to like me), that decision is out of my control. It’s perfectly ok if you don’t feel a connection with someone, […]

How well do you respond to strangers?

Let’s say I give you a cup of water, and you say “Thank you”, and my response back is, “You’re welcome.” – what my response is actually saying is, “You are welcome into my space.  You are welcome here.” Think about the expression “Welcome home!”.  Why do we say that? Or why do families place […]


I came across a document I wrote on January 1, 2008, expounding on my three guiding values.  I was immediately curious to read it – wondering if it still resonated within me.   The answer?… YES!!   Isn’t it incredible that guiding values live inside us regardless of the changes of life, new chapters, same […]


  ENABLING IN THE WORKPLACE In the last article I shared my personal reflections and experience surrounding the topic of enabling. Let’s translate this hurdle of enabling into the workplace. What does it look like when someone begins to enable? I want you to fill in the blanks before you continue reading. Humor me, pretend […]


    When strolling on the beach it’s not uncommon to greet someone with a smile and be greeted in return with a smile. A word describing this kind of interaction is reciprocity. Yesterday, I needed to be focused and get some work done efficiently. Sometimes I get a bit of cabin fever because my […]


    How’s your company doing? Still doing the same advertising, marketing and promotional routines? How long has it been the same? What if you’re in a rut? And how do you know if you are in a rut? Simple. Are numbers increasing, stagnant or decreasing? Increasing? Then, you’re not in a rut. Stagnant or […]

CATHERINE WEMETTE: talks about Diversity

    My gregarious dreamer friend, Catherine Wemette from Washington, DC is incredibly personable; and guaranteed there will be no stranger in her midst.  Catherine and I worked together at John Fluevog Shoes. and now we are chasing dreams together in the world of business!  Catherine leads a successful facilitation and project management company called Good For […]

MADISON PADGETT: talks about Diversity

    Meet my creative friend and daughter, Madison Padgett from Vancouver, Canada.  I’ve always loved the way she writes and her perspective on life.  And from the time she was 2 years old, we’ve had the most fascinating conversations.  Madison engages with all her heart, she’s uninhibited in her thoughts and she respects a good discourse. […]

4 Reasons We Get Upset

    4 REASONS WE GET UPSET I was recently asked, “When we’re upset with someone is it because we see our reflection in their behavior?” Sometimes, yes, but not every time. There are four reasons we get upset with people. They mirror us. They hurt us. They harm us. They offend us. THEY MIRROR […]


    It was early in the morning. I decided to take the train to work. I wasn’t doing very well. I felt sad and chose to sit in the back corner of the car so I could stare out the window while wearing my invisible-you-can’t-see-me cloak. The doors open and I watched her push […]

Asking Why?

    I want to expand my knowledge, so I added a trivia APP on my phone. The app is Quizoid, “Get smart with your phone.” I like it. I’m actually learning tidbits of information that I hadn’t known previously, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve never considered myself an intellect – still don’t. Yet, I […]

DIVERSITY: it’s not a trend

    Different cultures and different points of view are woven into the fabric of this world. Thanks to the world wide web, globalization is now part of our daily routine. The world is getting smaller. I’d like to share some initial thoughts about diversity. There’s a difference between embracing diversity and being in agreement. […]

BE PRESENT WITH CONFIDENCE (your team will love you for it!!)

      My good friend of 12 years, Nathan Rooke, is an innovator, a businessman, a family man, a humanitarian, a philanthropist, and a dreamer. Once a year we would meet for lunch and catch up on our lives and our news. It was effortless to spend time with him. He’s a soaker of […]

HUMAN ENGAGEMENT IN BUSINESS (the lack thereof concerns me)

  photo by:   I’m concerned. I strongly believe businesses that provide any type of service need to be continually trained on how to interact with humans. Providing extraordinary service and excellent human engagement is electric! It’s contagious. It’s vibrant. Why are companies compromising this business principle? You don’t want people to respond negatively […]

GO ON, I DARE YOU TO SAY IT: “I Need Your Help.”

    We have the right to be nourished. It’s a phrase that is used in one of our seminars. It’s one of five developmental stages that shapes who we become as adults. I was on a business trip in Boston, visiting the Fluevog team. It was during an autumn month. I flew in and […]


One of my favourite seminars to facilitate is on the topic of confrontation.We begin with a few general characteristics that typically surface and the participants choose which they prefer: deal with it now or deal with it later.   Now the dialogue begins! In small groups they tackle seven questions, one at a time. The […]