Setting Boundaries for a More Fulfilling Career: Redefine Your Work Environment

(read time: 2-3 min) Q: “Is it possible to be successful and be fulfilled in my career if I’m in the wrong work environment?” A:  It’s possible, but you’ll have to set some boundaries. When you feel like you’re a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit, and you wonder whether it’s worth the effort, should […]

‘Self-Promote’ Is Not A Swear Word: Strategies for Career Advancement

Article (read time: 5-7min) Introduction Advancing your career requires a blend of boldness, confidence and sincerity. Many professionals shrink back at the thought of self-promoting. They perceive it to be arrogant or somewhat egocentric.  However, there is a way to self-promote that is both acknowledging and highlighting your expertise while respecting your teammates and without […]

Can you forfeit your talent? [yes.]

If you have an inkling of talent, a hidden talent, a secret talent, talent that was recognized when you were a child – whatever it may be – use it if you don’t want to lose it. My mom surprised me and sent this in the mail. (see photo). Flooded me with memories. That’s my report […]


My friend told me a story of a baby shower where the host started the evening with an icebreaker game. She asked the group to cover the face of their watches and try to describe what it looked like.   Everyone covered up their watches and a woman volunteered to guess the face of her watch.  She first guessed, “It […]

10 Reality Checks Every Entrepreneur Should Consider

Hey friend, So you’re starting a business, and you want to know my thoughts? [1] PERSISTENCE: First, you must believe that your efforts (your commitment to what you believe and desire, your tenacity, your patience, your confidence to keep going, your perseverance, your ability to stand back up after you get knocked down, your sweat […]

A Measure of Sacrifice is Required

What are you willing to give up in order to pursue what you really want?  What are you willing to let go of for the sake of your dream? What might you have to leave behind because it’s not helping you get where you want to go?   A key ingredient to an entrepreneur’s success […]


I came across a document I wrote on January 1, 2008, expounding on my three guiding values.  I was immediately curious to read it – wondering if it still resonated within me.   The answer?… YES!!   Isn’t it incredible that guiding values live inside us regardless of the changes of life, new chapters, same […]


“I write probably 80 percent of my stuff over the winter.” –Bob Seger Using the metaphor of ‘seasons’, every business, no matter what type, goes through a winter season. Spring is fresh and new.  Summer is vibrant and steady.  Fall is transition and change.  Winter… oh winter… winter is stillness.   In winter, the leaves […]


      So, you want to grow your business? Great! Then whatever you do, pay attention to the internal workings of your company! Overlooking your infrastructure is like biting into a rotten apple. Looks juicy and delicious on the outside, but on the inside it’s decaying. This mustn’t happen. Yes, I agree that cash […]

4 Pillars of Wisdom for Start Up Companies

    If you’re going to start a business, here are four areas to keep track of and be diligent with: MONEY:  Keep your personal living expenses at an all time low. You’re on a tight-string budget. Accept it. What you used to do, you can’t do – FOR NOW. It will pass. Only buy […]