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Whether you’re looking to train your employees, improve your organization’s communications, optimize your business processes, or expand your company’s opportunities, I am here to help.

I have been an executive coach and communications expert for more than 20 years.   As an executive at John Fluevog Shoes, I spent seven years doubling the company’s retail footprint while building a unique and effective culture of customer service. My expertise is in sales, leadership, communications and culture.   As a human catalyst, I train and coach top leaders in various industries.  My purpose is to accelerate the growth of an organization and ignite people’s love for their work, their teams and their customers.  


Karen and her husband live in Palm Springs, California.  She is an avid golfer and has made it her mission to hike local trails and visit local craft breweries in whatever city she is visiting. 

Karen Thrall

Palm Springs - California

Deal With it Now or Deal with it Later

Are you struggling to effectively manage your emotions at work? Karen Thrall, a leading expert in learning and organizational development, and Dr. Joseph Shrand, Chief Medical Officer at Riverside Community Care and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School, have the solution. Their new book, “Deal with it Now or Deal with it Later: How to Manage Your Emotions at Work,” offers practical strategies and techniques to help you navigate the challenges of the modern workplace. With Karen and Dr. Shrand’s guidance, you’ll learn how to build emotional intelligence, resolve conflicts, and create a more positive and productive work environment. Don’t wait, pre-order your copy today and take control of your emotions at work!

Book launch:  June 2023
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