Karen Thrall has been an executive coach and communications expert for more than 20 years.   As an executive at John Fluevog Shoes, Karen spent seven years doubling the company’s retail footprint while building a unique and effective culture of customer service. Karen’s expertise is in sales, leadership, communications and culture.   As a human catalyst, Karen trains and coaches top leaders in various industries.  Her purpose is to accelerate the growth of an organization and ignite people’s love for their work, their teams and their customers.  Karen and her husband live in Palm Springs, California.  She is an avid golfer and has made it her mission to hike local trails and visit local craft breweries in whatever city she is visiting. 

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What Leaders Say

Challenged with differing perspectives and preferences, working together as a team may create unintended dynamics and friction. After attending Karen’s workshop, my team’s self-awareness on how we interact with each was transformed. The framework covered delicate topics, inspiring suggestions, and thought-provoking behavioral biases. Highly recommend to leaders desiring to take team performance to the next level!

Laura Hanlon

Director of Sourcing, WD-40 Company

What separates Karen Thrall from other corporate trainers is how she can take heavy topics and bring a levity to them.  We were laughing together, yet understanding the very relevant and practical content she delivered. We implemented the training immediately within our ELT.  Karen’s training inspired all of us to place the pursuit of being a great communicator as a top priority.  An excellent business resource for leaders.

Ben Smith

President, Avesdo

Karen is a professional communicator and changed the culture in my company. She accomplished things that I could only dream of. Karen brought my far flung retail stores under one roof and one banner.

John Fluevog

President and CEO, John Fluevog Shoes

Karen’s most powerful tool is her authenticity combined with her knowledge, skill and experience building great teams.  Her ability to bring people together as a team and engage is awesome, and she does it with such fluidity.  She quickly gains trust and establishes credibility.  Karen’s energy and purposefulness is transferred to people so effectively.

Anthony Jowid

COO, Allied Argenta

Karen instantly added value to our organization in the first meeting, and has continued in the years since. I am often impressed with how quickly she can understand complex dynamics, and how she helps create simple customized solutions. I would highly recommend her to assist in many areas including: leadership development, communication, staff training, challenging situations and individual coaching.

Lara Holtby

CFO, Wiebe Properties

Karen is a sales whisperer through and through. Her ability to casually disarm our team one by one and her style of sales had everyone engaged and deeply educated by the end of the training. She is a repeat coach at our company, for sure.

Alissa Walters

CEO, Blindsgalore

The best professional development course I have ever taken!

Ben Hahlen

Sr Manager Global Marketing Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Whether it’s 1:1 coaching, team training or consulting, I am beyond grateful to these organizations for including me in their professional journey.”

– Karen Thrall