provoking the heart of business

What are your next steps?
Yes, you’re ready!
Get uncomfortable…again.

“When you create space to think out loud, extraordinary decisions are guaranteed.”

New growth requires new strategies.  Small cracks in your day-to-day may not be a concern now, but eventually they turn into canyons and rob you of energy and cash flow.

Making sure your foundation can handle the growth is where I come in.

Frustration looks different for every leader.

Take the business test.

1.   Are sales stagnant?
2.  Annoyed with a colleague?
3.  Communications falling through the cracks?
4.  Frustrated with your team’s performance?
5.  Any items on your to-do list that should have been done yesterday?
6.  Do meetings feel pointless?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, I’m here to help.
You’ll be surprised at how fast we’ll move through the challenge(s) you’re facing.
You will see rapid results within a week.

Next Steps

It’s my opportunity to get to know you better and to listen. I want to learn more about your thoughts, ideas or stresses and how I can serve you.

As a coach-consultant, I roll up my sleeves and come alongside of you.  I don’t talk to you.  I build with you.  Together, we’ll put together a plan that best suits your needs and outcomes.

My Purpose & Commitment

 🗹  Rebuild infrastructures and create healthy change that bring companies to the next level of financial success.

 🗹  Empower teams to excel beyond current capabilities, set attainable goals and exceed them.

🗹  Increase profitability by increasing sales and lowering overhead.

🗹  Resolve frustration and increase world class communications both internally and externally.

🗹  Inspire leaders to have a powerful impact and be influential in making the world a better place.


Why do I need a coach?

•  to make an important business decision
•  to organize your thoughts
•  to resolve or negotiate conflict
•  to carry out corrective action
•  to lower your stress levels
•  to process conflict
•  to reinvent a work/life balance
•  to explore a transition or change in your life

Why do I need a consultant?

•  to see sales have steady growth
•  to strategize cash flow
•  to construct policies and procedures
•  to restructure operations when growing too fast
•  to analyze production quality
•  to train employees
•  to reshape job description
•  to improve customer relations

How can success of coaching and consulting be measured?

Leaders want results!  We explore underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations that influence strategic decision making.
We analyze tangible information and uncover patterns.
Now that we’ve identified the problems, we build a plan and execute it.
No time to waste.  Efficiency is a high priority.
We set incremental goals that lead us to your desired outcome.

What does Karen do?

Karen coaches business leaders and consults sales and operations.  She provides over 20 years experience as a facilitator and trainer.
Formerly a corporate executive in the fashion industry, Karen specializes in:
1.  company expansion and restructuring
2.  leadership and team development
3.  sales and retail operations
4.  brand culture and customer loyalty
5.  transition and change management


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