In leadership, there’s always a next step.

Growth requires strategic direction and getting uncomfortable… again. 

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Frustration looks different for every leader.

Too much multi-tasking?

Annoyed with a colleague?

Lacking the focus you once had?

More than 5 items on your list?

Bored and unchallenged?

Sleeping less than 7 hours?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, we’re here to help.

You’ll be surprised how fast we’ll move through the challenge(s) you’re facing.

Learn more about the progress you can make with just one session.  It’s that easy!

Let’s Build Together

As a coach-consultant, I roll up my sleeves and come alongside you. I don’t talk to you. I build with you. Together, we’ll put together a plan that best suits your needs and elevates you to where you really want to be!  No more settling.

It’s my opportunity to listen, to get to know you better and see how I can serve you best.

Karen Thrall has been an executive leadership coach and communications expert for more than 20 years. As the Director of Retail and Culture for John Fluevog Shoes, Karen spent seven years doubling the company’s retail footprint while building a unique and effective culture of customer service for hundreds of employees. Karen’s expertise is in sales, operations, expansion, communications and brand culture.


[1.]  Communications Training

  1.  how to increase leadership confidence
  2.  how to communicate well when making plans
  3.  how to avoid toxic conversations
  4.  how to deal with conflict and resolve quickly
  5.  how to navigate perceptions that may not be accurate
  6.  how to engage in a conversation when you don’t have time
  7.  how to diffuse an unhealthy ego

[2.]  Effective Teamwork:  

  1.  how to increase buy-in from your team
  2.  how to increase the level of productivity for tasks
  3.  how to give feedback
  4.  how to meet your goals on time
  5.  how to stay in the moment and not get distracted
  6.  how to keep goals consistently reachable
  7.  how to celebrate when the work is done

[3.]  Increasing Brand Loyalty:

  1.   how customer experience begins with you and your team
  2.  how to inspire a specific culture in your workplace
  3.  how to have an emotional connection with all your stakeholders
  4.  how to increase intuition regarding the needs of your customers
  5.  how to grow loyal customers
  6.  how to win over disappointed customers
  7.  how brand loyalty out performs competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth

[4.]  Do Angry Well:  An Unpopular Emotion:  

  1.  how anger has 25 interpretations
  2.  how to avoid dysfunctional conversations
  3.  how to celebrate winning conversations
  4.  how to have clear thoughts and find the right words
  5.  how to avoid placating and/or bullying
  6.  how to have a confident voice
  7.  how to settle down the emotions and calm the storm

What People Say

Karen is a professional communicator and changed the culture in my company. She accomplished things that I could only dream of.  Karen brought my far flung retail stores under one roof and one banner. She’s a rare gem.

John Fluevog

Owner/Designer, John Fluevog Shoes Ltd

Karen’s most powerful tool is her authenticity combined with her knowledge, skill and experience building great teams.  Her ability to bring people together as a team and engage is awesome, and she does it with such fluidity.  She quickly gains trust and establishes credibility, allowing her to be a trusted advisor and team member.  Karen’s energy, excitement and purposefulness is transferred to people so effectively.

Anthony Jowid

COO, Allied Argenta

I had the wonderful opportunity to join a professional women’s retreat and the privilege of coaching extraordinary people.  They gifted me with this 1:38 minute video.  Please have a look.  Thank you!



I help rebuild infrastructures and create healthy change that brings companies to the next level of financial success.


I help teams excel beyond current capabilities, set attainable goals and outcomes and exceed them.


I help increase profitability by increasing sales and lowering overhead.


I help resolve frustration and  increase world class communications both internally and externally.


I help leaders have a powerful impact and be influential in making the world a better place.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a coach?
  • to make an important business decision
  • to gain clarity in your thought process
  • to resolve or negotiate conflict
  • to carry out corrective action
  • to lower your stress levels
  • to reinvent a work/life balance
  • to explore a transition or change in your life
When do I need a consultant?
  • to improve sales
  • to manage cash flow
  • to construct policies and procedures
  • to restructure the hierarchy when growing too fast
  • to analyze production quality
  • to train employees
  • to reshape job descriptions
What does Karen do?

Karen coaches business leaders and consults sales and operations.  She provides over 20 years experience as a facilitator and trainer.

Formerly a corporate executive in the fashion industry, Karen specializes in:

1. company expansion and restructuring

2. leadership and team development

3. sales and retail operations

4. brand culture and customer loyalty

5. transition and change management



How can success of coaching and consulting be measured?

Leaders want results.  We explore underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations that influence strategic decision making. We analyze tangible information and uncover patterns.  Now that we’ve identified the problems, we build a plan and execute it.  No time to waste.  Efficiency is a high priority.  We set incremental goals that lead us to your desired outcome.

What if I’m not struggling in business?

When leaders are on top of their game – we love that!  If in the future there’s a shift, we’re here to help.

Most people can agree that there is room for improvement somewhere in their professional lives. Timing is key, and now may not be the right time for you to pursue coaching. I hope you’ll keep us in mind when that time comes.

Is it true that Karen is a golf nut?

Ok, well, maybe not a ‘nut’.  Karen is beyond passionate about golf!  Everyone should have a hobby – if you don’t have time for one, you should really book that call immediately.

Can I drink beer while I talk to Karen?

Being an IPA fan, Karen has made it her mission to visit every craft brewery in San Diego, which will take some time since there are more than 130 in the county.  It really doesn’t matter which city she’s in, she will ask which local craft brewery to visit!



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